My story of Overcoming Cynophobia


I admit it, barely 4 years ago I wouldn’t get into an elevator if there was a mini poodle in it. Not to mention German Shepherds, Rottweillers, Siberian Huskies or a Golden… Goldens were the worst because, as I now understand, they are so smart and so sociable so sweet that when they feel my fear, they try to comfort me lay down at my feet, putting their heads against my legs, or licking my hands. That use to make me shake with fright.


Such breed has the most kind and sparkly eyes a dog could have, they wagged their tail frantically and jumped out of happiness every time his owner told him to. And yet I paled with fear just knowing that I could bump into them, or with any other pet owner neighbor walking their “fury beast” as a matter of facts.


Cynophobia specifically involves fear of dogs or cats and, like any Phobia starts from an irrational and persistent fear of a specific object or situation. It generates anxiety, even panic attacks. In my case, also deprives me to enjoy the beautiful bond of friendship and company that you can form with a pet.


My cynophobia began when, being just a baby, the family cocker spaniel, called Snoopy for its black and white spots, was always jumping over me trying to show me affection. I remember, in a particular episode, he barked at me until it cornered me for having taken his favorite toy.


Of course, from an adult point, this sounds very normal, but I used to get paralyzed only by remembering that moment. I didn’t want anything to do with the dog, much less adopt two, but when life gives you paws…


Although there are professionally designed steps to overcome cynophobia, my story deviates a lot from being a traditional therapeutic achievement. Returning home from a field trip, around March of 2014, we have to press the breaks suddenly because there, in the middle of nowhere, a white wolf-like cub was lost wandering, looking perhaps for food, maybe for her mother or her siblings.


We step down of the car and try to grab her but it ran the one side of the road to the other, she was shaking and scared. When we finally manage to catch her, she got in the car and fell asleep immediately. We took her to the vet, put her first shots and took her home with the firm intention of gave her up for adoption. That first night, although she was a 2 months puppy, I couldn’t believe it, a dog was sleeping in my living room.


Several days went by, and I saw her playing in her cradle, and I was still thinking, why is this dog still in my house? How is it possible that she hasn’t taken my arm off? How does she look so adorable while sleeping? And how did she manage to devour flip flops so easily? According to my numbers, there are approximately five pairs of flip-flops in her record.


Over time, I taught her several tricks, I named her (Amelia, because she is as brave as Amelia Earhart was) and I even got her a sister (Frida, because she has the most adorable mustache). Little by little interacting with them and with other dogs in the park I have managed to overcome my phobia of dogs completely.


I found this video that inspired me to do the article because I think it shows, in a very emotional way, all the ways your life can improve when you let a pet enter your life, Please watch it! I’m sure you’ll love it.


#BeautyinCrisis: There’s no paradise without sunscreen

#BeautyinCrisis: There’s no paradise without sunscreen

“As of March 1 of 2018, the minimum wage will be set at 1,307,646 bolivares.” So begins the note of AlbaCiudad in which they celebrate the salary increase Maduro decreed.

For anyone who hasn’t lived in a hyperinflationary economy that amount might sound generously extravagant. The so-called Big Mac index assumes that since there are McDonald’s restaurants present in more than 100 countries, by comparing the price of a Big Mac, you can get an idea of ​​the relationship between the minimum wage and purchasing power.

Well, in Venezuela the Big Mac price is 395,000 Bsf. Let’s continue to pu things into perspective now and review the price of an essential beauty product: sunscreen.

From 400,000 Bsf you can purchase nationally manufactured sunscreen that may or may not have the seal of approval of the Venezuelan society of Dermatology. If we compare it to well-known brands, such as creams like Pond’s with SPF 15, these brand-name products are now at around 5,000,000 BsF.

Sunscreen prevents serious disea,es such as skin cancer, especially when every day Venezuelans wait in lines on the street to buy products from the Basic Food Basket. More than a problem of vanity, this has become a matter of public health. The use of everyday products for the rest of the world is now a luxury for us… as much as it is to eat a simple Big Mac.

The failed economic policies of Chávez, the ineptitude of the Maduro government and the hyperinflation caused by the “SXXI Socialism” have condemne us not only to premature aging, but also to a future of malnutrition, epidemics due to vaccines shortage, School desertion and, unfortunately, skin cancer.

Photo: Miguel Gutiérrez


#BellezaEnCrisis: Sin cremas no hay paraíso

“El ingreso mínimo integral de las y los trabajadores se ubicará a partir del 1º de marzo en 1 millón 307.646 bolívares” Así comienza la nota de AlbaCiudad el 01 de Marzo de este año en la que festejan el incremento salarial para los trabajadores venezolanos.

Para cualquier persona que no haya vivido en una economía hiperinflacionaria esa cantidad es sorprendente. El llamado índice Big Mac supone que como Mcdonalds tiene presencia en más de 100 países, comparando el precio del Big Mac, puedes hacerte una idea de la relación entre el sueldo mínimo y el poder adquisitivo.

Bueno, en Venezuela el Big Mac está en 395.000 Bsf. Pasemos a revisar el precio de uno de los productos básicos de belleza: la crema humectante con protector solar.

Desde 400.000 Bsf puedes encontrar protectores solares de fabricación nacional que pueden o no contar con la aprobación de la sociedad Venezolana de Dermatología. Si vamos a marcas conocidas a nivel mundial, cremas como Pond´s con SPF 15, rondan los 5000.000 de BsF.

El protector solar previene enfermedades tan graves como el cáncer de piel, más aún cuando diariamente se hacen colas en plena calle para adquirir productos de la cesta básica. Más que un problema de vanidad es un asunto de salud pública.

El uso de productos cotidianos para el resto del mundo son para nosotros un lujo. Tanto como lo es comerse un Big Mac.

Las políticas económicas fallidas del gobierno de Chávez, la ineptitud del Gobierno de Maduro y la hiperinflación ocasionada por el “Socialismo del SXXI” no sólo nos han conducido a envejecer prematuramente, también nos depara un futuro de desnutrición, epidemias por la escasez de vacunas, deserción escolar y lamentablemente, cáncer de piel.

Comenta cual crema dejaste de usar en el ultimo año?
Para leer la nota de albaciudad

Beauty in a hyperinflationary economy

From this moment on, I’ll be writing a series of InstaBlogs on how to ‘maintain ‘ our beauty routines in Venezuela; a country that, according to Fortune Magazine, will reach an inflationary level of 13,000 by the end of 2018. I don’t know about you, but every time I go shopping, I get the impression that we’ve already passed that estimate.


I’ll call this little experiment ‘Beauty in a crisis’ and I hope it proves useful to all my friends I’m Venezuela as well as to other young women who are looking for new ways to economize and stretch their budget in the beauty department. Some may say that makeup is not indispensable, but we all know they’re wrong, don’t we, girls?”

Getting my nails done weekly and maintaining impeccable manicures and pedicures are routines that, if I may be so bold, are engraved in my DNA. How can we maintain this habit in a country where the price of enamel removal exceeds the monthly minimum wage? Is there such a thing as ‘natural’ nail polish remover? These are the type of subjects that we will be addressing weekly here.

What topics would you like me to discuss in Beauty in a Crisis? Leave your comments in the section below.

Hit ‘Like’ if you were also appalled by the price of acetone and share with your friends who would rather die than go out in public without makeup on!”


 Bella en una economía hiperinflacionaria:

A partir de ahora estaré escribiendo una serie de InstaBlogs sobre cómo “mantener” nuestras rutinas de belleza en Venezuela, el país que de acuerdo a la revista Fortune va a alcanzar un nivel inflacionario de 13.000% para finales de 2018, aunque no se qué piensen ustedes, cada vez que voy al mercado me parece que ya pasamos esa cifra.

A este pequeño experimento lo llamaré “Belleza en crisis” y espero que sea de utilidad para todas ustedes en Venezuela y para chicas que desde otros países estén buscando formas de economizar y estirar su presupuesto en el segmento belleza que, aunque algunos digan que no es indispensable para vivir, todas estaremos de acuerdo en que se equivocan.
Pintarse las uñas semanalmente, mantener una manicure y pedicure impecables son rutinas que me atrevo a decir están grabadas en mi ADN.

Pero, ¡cómo sostener tal rutina en un país en el cual el removedor de esmalte supera el sueldo mínimo? Existe tal cosa como un quitaesmalte “natural”, todo esto y más revisaremos semana a semana, Me acompañas?
Qué temas te gustaría que abordara en Belleza en crisis? Déjalo en los comments.
Dame un like si te asustaste con el nuevo precio de la acetona y compártelo con tu amiga que prefiere morir antes que andar sin maquillaje!

My thoughts on the SiliSponge

This was my first test with the Farmatodo Silisponge, and I must say: I’m quite satisfied with the product. Although I’m 100% in favor of using your fingertips to apply makeup, because they have the same skin texture and the heat helps to distribute products better, I must say that this silicone sponge gets the job done quite well.

Its texture is soft and quite pleasant, conveniently adjustable to facial features (excepting for the nose, or at least mine it was difficult to reach every corner) its finishes are reasonably uniform, it is a purchase that compensates for the investment.

IT HELPS TO SAVE PRODUCT: unlike other sponges, the absence of porosity acts in its benefit distributing uniformly and efficiently the products, especially with liquids as the base. It’s not as useful when it comes to correctors.

Easy to clean and low maintenance: Since almost no residues adhere to its surface, is practically waste-free which means you’re saving time and cleaning products.
In the same sense, if you’re a makeup professional with a fully booked schedule, A Silisponge should be your go-to option. Cleaning it between client and client will be much simpler and hygienic than reusing brushes or carrying a bag of BeautyBlenders.

Would I repurchase it? Yes, the Silisponge does the work, and among the variety of products offer with the same function, like the Beauty Blender or conventional Makeup Brushes, the Silisponge is a better, and cheaper, investment.

Can it have other uses? Results handy to apply sunscreen each morning, or makeup primer.
In conclusion, although in Venezuela we’re going through a time of BeautyIncrisis, I would add the Farmatodo SiliSponge to my daily makeup kit in a blink of an eye.
Esta fue mi primera prueba con la Silisponge de Farmatodo. Debo decir que estoy bastante satisfecha con el producto. Aunque soy 100% partidaria de sacar provecho de la yema de los dedos para aplicar maquillaje, pues poseen la misma textura que la piel y el calor ayuda a distribuir mejor, esta esponja de silicón hace el trabajo bastante bien.

No sólo su textura es agradable sino que resulta convenientemente ajustable a las facciones del rostro (con excepción de las comisuras de la nariz) y sus acabados son bastante uniformes, es una compra que compensa la inversión.

-A su favor AYUDA A AHORRAR PRODUCTO: A diferencia de otras esponjas, la ausencia de porosidad de la silisponge actúa en su beneficio a la hora de distribuir eficientemente el producto, especialmente líquidos como la base. Con los correctores no resulta tan eficaz.
-Es Fácil de limpiar: prácticamente queda libre de residuos así que estás ahorrando tiempo y dinero, ya que es poco lo que debes dedicar para su mantenimiento.

-En el mismo sentido, si eres PROFESIONAL DEL MAQUILLAJE y tienes que atender a varias personas en poco tiempo, la silisponge es tu opción #1. Limpiarla entre cliente y cliente va a ser mucho más sencillo e higiénico que reutilizar brochas o cargar con un saco de BeautyBlenders.

La volvería a comprar? Sí compraría de nuevo la silisponge de Farmatodo. Entre la variedad de productos que están ofreciendo para la misma función como la Beauty Blender o las Brochas de maquillaje, me quedo con la silisponge. Es mejor inversión e incluso más económica que las brochas.

Para qué otra cosa la usaría? Para aplicar el protector solar cada mañana, o aplicar la pre-base de maquillaje viene excelente.

En conclusión, aunque en Venezuela estamos atravesando tiempos de BellezaEnCrisis, la silisponge de Farmatodo es un ítem que agregaría a mi Kit de maquillaje sin dudar.

Aluminum Acetate: Cosmetic Uses


Usually when we think of aluminum, we find it difficult to link it to a true facial product. The most common references that comes to mind involve building materials, soda cans and appliances, obviuosly.


However, aluminum acetate has been used in the cosmetic industry for decades as pigmentation of lipsticks, toothpaste and, mainly, deodorants.


Aluminum Acetate: Uses and Cosmetic Applications

The antibacterial and antiperspirant qualities of the aluminum synthesized in different reactions, has gained him an important position in the industry of the corporal hygiene. Now what is aluminum acetate for the face?


Aluminum acetate applications for the face report a wide range of benefits in the control of redness.


Aluminum acetate for the face can achieve a firming effect and soothe the redness that appear after the exfoliations, radiofrequency sessions and other dermabrasive techniques, because it has a great vasoconstricting capacity.


On the other hand, when applied on skin that has been properly exposed to the sun – that is, without burns and with the appropriate sunscreen – prolong the duration of a healthy tan.


Its astringent properties make it essential as a male and female AfterShave lotion, in the case of sensitive skin. It is also applied in cases of acne to relieve the lesions and take advantage of their antibacterial properties.


Aluminum Acetate as an emollient

We speak of a substance that is emollient when it has the ability to soften skin hardness, such as calluses, roughness, etc. In the case of aluminum acetate for the face, it is a salt that generates a restorative reaction of the natural smoothness and skininess, obtaining a more youthful and fresh appearance.


Other uses of aluminum acetate:

-It is an active component of numerous antiseptic and astringent preparations, so it is used both in remedies for otic affections, as in antiperspirant products.

-In moisturizing dermatological products: as body creams or cream for diapering.

-To treat eczema and dry skin.

-As healing and antibacterial.

Acetato de Aluminio para el Rostro

Generalmente cuando pensamos en acetato de aluminio para el rostro, se nos dificulta vincularlo con un producto de verdadero uso facial y las referencias más comunes que se nos vienen a la mente involucran materiales de construcción, latas de soda y electrodomésticos.

No obstante, el acetato de aluminio viene siendo utilizado en la industria cosmética desde hace décadas como pigmentación de labiales, pastas dentales y, principalmente, desodorantes.

Acetato de Aluminio: Usos y Aplicaciones cosméticas

Las cualidades antibacteriales y antitranspirantes del aluminio sintetizado en diferentes reacciones, le ha ganado un puesto importante en la industria de la higiene corporal. Ahora ¿En qué sirve el acetato de aluminio para el rostro?


Las aplicaciones de acetato de aluminio paa el rostro reportan una amplia gama de beneficios en el control de enrojecimiento. 

El acetato de aluminio para el rostro puede lograr un efecto reafirmante y calmar las rojeces que aparecen tras la realización de exfoliaciones, sesiones de radiofrecuencia y otras técnicas dermoabrasivas, pues tiene una gran capacidad vasoconstrictora.


Por otra parte, al aplicarlo sobre la piel que ha sido expuesta debidamente al sol -esto es, sin quemaduras y con el protector solar apropiado- prolonga la duración de un bronceado saludable.

Sus propiedades astringentes le hacen imprescindible como loción AfterShave masculina y femenina, en el caso de las pieles sensibles. Asimismo, se aplica en casos de acné para aliviar las lesiones y aprovechar sus propiedades antibacteriales.

Acetato de Aluminio como emoliente

Hablamos de que una sustancia es emoliente cuando tiene la capacidad de suavizar durezas de la piel, tales como: callos, asperezas, etc. En el caso del acetato de aluminio para el rostro, es una sal que genera una reacción restauradora de la suavidad y lozanía natural de la piel, consiguiendo una apariencia más juvenil y fresca.

Otros usos del acetato de aluminio:

-Es un componente activo de numerosas preparaciones  antisépticas y astringentes, por lo que es utilizado tanto en remedios para afecciones oticas, como en productos antitranspirantes.

-En productos dermatológicos humectantes: como cremas corporales o crema para la pañalitis.

-Para tratar el eczema y la resequedad cutánea.

-Como cicatrizante y antibacterial.

Is It safe to use Hyaluronic Acid During Pregnancy?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in our bodies, barely 15 mg in the human body (mainly accumulated in the joints and other tissues such as the eyeball), and whose main function is to retain fluid, up to 10.000 its capacity in water thereby moisturizing the skin.

Also present in food and has been synthesized in pills and oral capsules to achieve increases in the regenerative capacity to fight against the effects of aging.




Strawberries, carrots and greens such as spinach or chard are great sources of hyaluronic acid

However, there are disagreements about the effectiveness of some of their presentations – creams for example – while their use in cosmetic filling therapies for lips and lines of expression has been succesfull (even against other known and popular products such as Botox) with almost null side effects in it’s profesional application, past few months the hyauronic acid will be assimilated naturally into our organism.

Uses During Pregnancy

The doubts that have been raised about this element, particularly on whether it is possible to use hyaluronic acid during pregnancy, are indirectly related to its absorption. May or may not the hyaluronic acid applied superficially (in cream or serum) help maintain a luscious complexion. The answer is no.

Cream products that contain hyaluronic acid can not keep up with the promise that it will penetrate the upper layers of the skin until it reaches a cellular level where it can absorb water and keep the skin smooth. This is because the size of hyaluronic acid cells is too large to penetrate the dermis.

So, yes, a cream with hyaluronic acid will moisturize your skin during pregnancy, but it will have the same effect as a cream of similar formulation that does not contain hyaluronic acid … It simply won’t be effective applied in cream.

Always talk with your health care provider

Now, injectable and oral consumption, according to the FDA, “hasn’t prove to have side effects for the pregnancy” but the evidence is not conclusive since no exhaustive studies have been done in this respect, reason why the risks can not be discarded mainly if they have not Been recommended or applied, depending on what is the case, by a professional.

Therefore is good to consider that there’s are also other more accessible and natural alternatives for skin care during pregnancy. Belinda Benn, renowned guru of skin care and fitness in Australia, proposes that through a diet plan, relaxation and moisturizing, the processes of aging can be reverse without leaving home. That is, helping the body to maintain hormonal production balanced which, as we well know, is constantly changing during pregnancy.

For more information on the use of cosmetics, products and beauty related drugs during pregnancy, click here.