Aluminum Acetate: Cosmetic Uses


Usually when we think of aluminum, we find it difficult to link it to a true facial product. The most common references that comes to mind involve building materials, soda cans and appliances, obviuosly.


However, aluminum acetate has been used in the cosmetic industry for decades as pigmentation of lipsticks, toothpaste and, mainly, deodorants.


Aluminum Acetate: Uses and Cosmetic Applications

The antibacterial and antiperspirant qualities of the aluminum synthesized in different reactions, has gained him an important position in the industry of the corporal hygiene. Now what is aluminum acetate for the face?


Aluminum acetate applications for the face report a wide range of benefits in the control of redness.


Aluminum acetate for the face can achieve a firming effect and soothe the redness that appear after the exfoliations, radiofrequency sessions and other dermabrasive techniques, because it has a great vasoconstricting capacity.


On the other hand, when applied on skin that has been properly exposed to the sun – that is, without burns and with the appropriate sunscreen – prolong the duration of a healthy tan.


Its astringent properties make it essential as a male and female AfterShave lotion, in the case of sensitive skin. It is also applied in cases of acne to relieve the lesions and take advantage of their antibacterial properties.


Aluminum Acetate as an emollient

We speak of a substance that is emollient when it has the ability to soften skin hardness, such as calluses, roughness, etc. In the case of aluminum acetate for the face, it is a salt that generates a restorative reaction of the natural smoothness and skininess, obtaining a more youthful and fresh appearance.


Other uses of aluminum acetate:

-It is an active component of numerous antiseptic and astringent preparations, so it is used both in remedies for otic affections, as in antiperspirant products.

-In moisturizing dermatological products: as body creams or cream for diapering.

-To treat eczema and dry skin.

-As healing and antibacterial.