Is It safe to use Hyaluronic Acid During Pregnancy?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in our bodies, barely 15 mg in the human body (mainly accumulated in the joints and other tissues such as the eyeball), and whose main function is to retain fluid, up to 10.000 its capacity in water thereby moisturizing the skin.

Also present in food and has been synthesized in pills and oral capsules to achieve increases in the regenerative capacity to fight against the effects of aging.




Strawberries, carrots and greens such as spinach or chard are great sources of hyaluronic acid

However, there are disagreements about the effectiveness of some of their presentations – creams for example – while their use in cosmetic filling therapies for lips and lines of expression has been succesfull (even against other known and popular products such as Botox) with almost null side effects in it’s profesional application, past few months the hyauronic acid will be assimilated naturally into our organism.

Uses During Pregnancy

The doubts that have been raised about this element, particularly on whether it is possible to use hyaluronic acid during pregnancy, are indirectly related to its absorption. May or may not the hyaluronic acid applied superficially (in cream or serum) help maintain a luscious complexion. The answer is no.

Cream products that contain hyaluronic acid can not keep up with the promise that it will penetrate the upper layers of the skin until it reaches a cellular level where it can absorb water and keep the skin smooth. This is because the size of hyaluronic acid cells is too large to penetrate the dermis.

So, yes, a cream with hyaluronic acid will moisturize your skin during pregnancy, but it will have the same effect as a cream of similar formulation that does not contain hyaluronic acid … It simply won’t be effective applied in cream.

Always talk with your health care provider

Now, injectable and oral consumption, according to the FDA, “hasn’t prove to have side effects for the pregnancy” but the evidence is not conclusive since no exhaustive studies have been done in this respect, reason why the risks can not be discarded mainly if they have not Been recommended or applied, depending on what is the case, by a professional.

Therefore is good to consider that there’s are also other more accessible and natural alternatives for skin care during pregnancy. Belinda Benn, renowned guru of skin care and fitness in Australia, proposes that through a diet plan, relaxation and moisturizing, the processes of aging can be reverse without leaving home. That is, helping the body to maintain hormonal production balanced which, as we well know, is constantly changing during pregnancy.

For more information on the use of cosmetics, products and beauty related drugs during pregnancy, click here.



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